Free delivery / pick up

Don’t hoard on groceries! Instead, get your favourite Cravings meals delivered to your doorsteps for free. Starting March 16th, Cravings Market Restaurant offers free delivery services on all orders over $20 without any additional fees. Our meals will be delivered to you in safe, properly equipped catering vans so you don’t have to worry about food handling.

Alternatively, we offer a variety of pick up options for order and our exclusive premade, easy-to-heat Go-Meals. Moreover, we offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages for delivery.

There a several options you can pick from:

1. Free delivery & pick up

Grab some delicious takeout, pre-order and have it ready when you arrive. Or we can deliver your favourite food to your door. Free delivery on all orders over $20 on a radius of 10km.

2. Premade Go-meals

If you are opting for social distancing and want to avoid the busy grocery stores, try our pre-made, easy-to-heat Go-Meals. Fresh and healthy meals are perfect for the oven, microwave or freeze for later.

3. Drinks delivery & pick up

Order from a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and they will be delivered to your door or available for take out. Get your drinks at prices matching retail and without any additional fees.

Free delivery by Cravings on orders of $20+ (offer does not apply when ordering via delivery partners). No hidden fees, commissions nor tips. Eat healthy to stay healthy! Stay home, stay safe – we’ve got you covered! Order Fresh & Healthy Food and have it at your door within minutes!

Pick-up menu / Free delivery menu

or call us directly at: (403) 252-2083

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...or you can always join us at the restaurant

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